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The Short and Sweet Guide to Refrigerant Management for Commercial Facility Managers

Published: October, 12 2016

Believe it or not, refrigerant management is an important topic, and one that can potentially mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars on your commercial facility’s annual balance sheet. This is especially true if your HVAC equipment is upwards of eight years old, but is not yet at the point where you’ve budgeted to replace it.

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Seasonal Preventive Maintenance Services for Your Commercial Building

Published: September, 20 2016

When we invest in a valuable asset, we consider how we’re going to take care of it to ensure that it operates for as long as possible. We do this with cars, homes, and even with our phones and tablets.

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6 Qualities of a Top HVAC Technician

Published: August, 17 2016

While the quality of equipment itself is an important factor in the success of a commercial HVAC system, an equally important consideration is the skill level and expertise of the technicians working on it.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial HVAC Company

Published: August, 03 2016

If you own or manage a commercial building, you’ve either already selected an HVAC services company or you’re doing so right now. When making this selection, there are some basic but vital qualities the HVAC company must display to guarantee a positive ROI on your partnership, including:

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How Routine Commercial HVAC Service Impacts Your Bottom Line

Published: July, 15 2016

Every business is run differently and there are constant changes as markets fluctuate, economic and industry circumstances change, and new strategies are explored.

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Should You Choose Full Service or Planned Building Maintenance Services for Your Commercial Building?

Published: June, 29 2016

Large purchases can and should be viewed as investments. When you invest your hard-earned money in something of value, it only makes sense to make an effort to protect what you’ve purchased: to care for it and do the best you can to keep it in top form for as long as possible.

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3 Reasons Mission Critical HVAC Services are Vital for Data Centers

Published: June, 10 2016

A company’s data center can be the heart and soul of an entire enterprise. It is involved in nearly all aspects of the business and encompasses all of the digital assets, customer interactions and transactions that pass through a business on a daily basis. No company can afford to face a catastrophic outage in their data center.

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4 Reasons Why an Energy Star Rating is Good for Business

Published: May, 19 2016

Energy Star is “the most successful voluntary energy conservation movement in history.”

That’s pretty impressive.

But, is there a real value for businesses to invest in an Energy Star rating for their commercial buildings?

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Taking Steps Beyond Rose

Published: April, 20 2016

HB Moore, GM of our Greenville Branch and his wife Tracey were recently featured on the front page of the Daily Reflector for a pilot program they launched at J.H. Rose High School.  Tracey teaches at the school and founded this program to expose students to colleges and teach them important life skills.

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Food Drive 2016

Published: April, 20 2016

The WeCare team from PSG Raleigh and CMS Controls organized a food drive during the annual Kick OffParty.  The food drive was to support the local charity organization, Dorcas Ministries food pantry. WeCare was able to collect enough food and household goods to fill 3 shopping carts (some overflowing). The people  at Dorcas were very grateful and excited to see all that we had.

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