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A Job Well Done!

001.jpgLast week Tim Dyer, from our Raleigh Service Team, was recognized by Rich Frantz, Director of Product Support (Stulz) and Dan Santalucia (AES) for a job well done.  During the holidays Piedmont had been asked to commission several units at the Fidelity facility in RTP. All of the commissioning had to be completed by December 31. 

Unfortunately he ran into several obstacles and issues which delayed the commissioning of this equipment. Tim had documented all of the deficiencies in detail and provided a daily status for each unit on his call summary and equipment start up sheets.  The level of detail that Tim provided was very beneficial to Stulz.  

003.jpgRich Frantz forwarded Tim’s documentation to all of the Stulz technicians throughout the USA. They are now using Tim’s documentation as the benchmark on how their paperwork should be completed. 

Tim’s diligence on providing detailed information for all these years has really paid off. Customers do read call summaries and sometimes the small details make the difference. Tim’s effort’s has enhanced our PSN partnership with the Stulz Corporation.

Thank you for your efforts Tim!