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3 Reasons to Choose Facility Services Maintenance Over Catastrophic Repairs

3 Reasons To Choose Facility Services Maintenance Over Catastrophic Repairs

Few things are as frustrating as unexpected HVAC repairs. Not only are they typically expensive, but often come with uncomfortable conditions.

With so much money invested in your commercial property and the mechanical systems that make it habitable, it’s not necessary to jeopardize its welfare because of neglect. Building maintenance is a proven way to optimize performance and extend the lifespan of commercial property and mechanical systems.

Here are three reasons why building maintenance services should be considered a proactive investment rather than an expensive line item:

1. Planned maintenance costs less than emergency repairs

If you own a car, or any other complex machine, you know that routine maintenance is recommended to help prevent catastrophic damage from standard wear and tear over time. With few exceptions, the cost of performing maintenance is lower than the cost to repair or replace parts that fail due to neglect.

This same principle applies to a commercial building. Planned maintenance on the components of the HVAC system and continual optimization all help owners and managers identify and resolve upcoming problems before they result in catastrophic failure. Scheduled inspections help prevent unexpected repairs and replacements, which often come with a premium price tag and create uncomfortable conditions for employees and tenants.

Learn about planned maintenance options for your facility.

Similar to your vehicle, the cost of routine maintenance is far less than the cost to replace equipment that has been neglected to the point where it no longer functions properly.

2. Planned maintenance improves system efficiency

Heating and cooling utility costs are a constant source of concern for facility managers and commercial building owners. Beyond the economic impact, environmental concerns also emerge. For regulatory reasons, and to maintain a positive public image, focusing on energy efficiency is critical.

Ongoing monitoring of HVAC system usage allows experienced technicians to fine tune controls and make other adjustments to boost efficiency. A proactive approach to planned maintenance helps identify and resolve hardware and software inefficiencies before major problems arise.

3. Planned maintenance boosts the system’s overall performance

While energy efficiency is certainly important, comfort cannot take a back seat. When employees feel at ease, they are more productive. Good conditions also help reduce sick time and lower turnover, which can be costly to a business.

The best commercial HVAC systems need to balance efficiency and performance to ensure everyone inside is both comfortable and productive. Planned system maintenance is a proactive way to achieve that balance while avoiding costly, frustrating, and uncomfortable system outages or downtime. In conjunction with regular monitoring, control adjustments can be made on the fly, so performance is not adversely affected.

Investing in proactive planned maintenance is a far better approach to dealing with the consequences of a catastrophic failure. If your commercial HVAC system is not currently covered by a routine maintenance service plan, contact us today to discuss your options. We’ll gladly help you make that happen.

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